Private Equity Outlook Report

Private Equity once boasted slimline operating structures with nimble management teams and minimal oversight that kept down costs – allowing general partners and investors alike to generate hefty returns. However, with the onset of new regulations, the industry is set to change forever. PE firms are spending an increasing amount of resources on compliance, which is ultimately driving costs upwards.

Private Equity Outlook Report

In this special Private Equity Outlook Report, Bloomberg explores the challenges that the PE industry is faced with and where experts think the opportunities for the sector lie ahead.


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Where will the next investment opportunities come from?

With increasing regulation and scrutiny on the PE industry, costs are rising steadily. But do PE firms continue to offer value for money?

Private companies are remaining private for longer, impacting greatly on global IPO activity, so where to next for IPOs?

Founder and CEO of Terra Firma, one of Europe's leading PE firms, shares his insights on trends in the global PE industry and his firm's "strategic sweet spot."

Which sectors are PE experts expecting to see strong deal flow in for the remaining half of 2016?


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